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About Wady Properties
Owned by Silvana Straccia and Ruben Dario Rodríguez, Wady Properties and Wady Services are a Real Estate Agency with many years of experience. Their office is located on the main road down to Puerto Colon.

The first thing any client receives at Wady´s office is the genuine updated market information, (No ‘false offers’ to catch their attention) so as to not to waste their valuable time while here in Tenerife, choosing or seeing only the properties they might be interested in. The premier aim of Wady´s Team is to help their clients find the right property whatever their needs: either pleasure, holiday home, investment, or both; never pressing or trying to sell.

They never wish to sell properties that are not perfect for the client and keep working to find what the client really wants, keeping in touch either by email or phone until the ideal property is found.

Wady Properties, works honestly and only according to the Spanish Law, meaning that all documentation is completed in Spanish, with its correspondent draft translation, as English documents have no legal value in Spain.

Wady Properties have an enviable reputation for client service and continue to look after their clients interests forever … which means that after many years they still work with their clients on such things as document translation etc.

Needless to say one of the biggest sources of new enquiries comes from existing client recommendation which in itself is terrific testimony to the personal service that Silvana, Dario and all the staff, give to their clients.

Wady takes care of everything related to purchase or rental, before and after the Deed is signed. Non residents need a legal representative in Spain for everything concerning Notary, registration, Taxation etc.

They also arrange mortgages and have a terrific relationship with many Banks enabling them to find the very best finance option for each individual case.

Wady Properties also offer many other services such as preparing wills, NIE application, and Power of Attorney etc.

Besides the variety of languages spoken by Wady staff, it is their private and personalized assistance to each and every client that makes Wady Properties very much an Estate Agent with a difference.

Over the last two years Wady Service has become a major part of the business giving clients the opportunity to have their properties refurbished to a very high standard. Whether a full strip and refurbishment or a basic redecoration they can offer the client full assurance that their investment is in safe hands.

This service is comprehensive and has the same personal service that the whole Wady organisation is well known for.

Buying; selling; renovation and decoration is simply an all-round package with the same agent and without the usual headaches or “delays”. The famous Spanish 'mañana' does not exist in the Wady organisation where meeting deadlines is a matter of pride.

If you would like to know more or require a free quotation, do not hesitate to call or simply pop into the office for free and friendly advice.

Tenerife Real Estate


R0712, Santa Maria € 150 000,00


RB9107, Portnova € 260 000,00


V6927, Villa Crystal € 3 900 000,00


V1012, Tinguayaya € 625 000,00


R0709, Malibu Park € 130 000,00


V0643, Villa Arcos € 900 000,00